Learn To Manage Nervous Cats

I have always envied my neighbor for her cuddly pet cats that gracefully sit in her lap and let her stroke on their heads. This pretty picture of the friendship between the pet and mistress made me speculate a number of times about the heavenly experience of having such an affable cat around.

The symptoms of nervousness

No sooner I was ultimately lucky enough to put my hands on the sweet kitten of my dream, than I was quite disillusioned about the chances of winning a true feline friendship. For the kitten I brought home was extremely nervous type and every time you advance a step further to pick it up, it will inevitably take shelter under the table.

Worse than that, you switch on the television and with a blink of your eyes you will discover the little creature on the top of your refrigerator. And letís not just speak of the guests; the poor thing will work out some mysterious ways to hide from the world.

Three important points related to nervousness in cats

This behavior turned my husband who was of the impression that the little creature was not happy in our household mad. He was too sensible to see the plights of any animal. To cut it short, this cute but nervous cat of ours failed to fulfill our expectations and just when we made up our mind to give up all the efforts to forge a friendship with the poor little thing, we noticed certain relaxation setting in its behaviors and we got our first important lesson and the second and also the third:

What frightens your cat?

In our determination to crack the mysteries behind the strange behavior in some cats we made a great deal of researches and we had identified three major factors that make the cats nervous and fearful.

What to expect

In our determination to befriend with the cat, we first tried to convince the poor thing that there is nothing around that can harm it. To impress this idea on it, we invested in a kittening pen. A pet crate can also serve the purpose.

We placed it on one corner of the room from where the cat can keep an eye on the entire room. This would allow it to keep a watch on all the proceedings and lean from it without feeling unprotected or insecure.

After remaining there for the most part of the day, it developed a homely feeling with the crate and it felt relaxed even if there were normal hustle bustles going on in the home around it. This led it to believe that there was nothing scary or harmful in the environment.

And gradually time came when it stopped taking shelter under the bed as the bell rang. That day we got the impression that we won the battle; our little kitten has grown into a confident and sociable cat.